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Adaptable structures.

Regally future-ready.

master plan

you don't come
home to
deccan habitat.

it comes to you.

He was fond of a grand foyer. We gave him a spectacular entrance that envied all.

She always wanted full-length windows in the bedroom. We gave her exactly that.

The little one was a football champ. We gave him an entire wall dedicated to his medals.

Grandma loves gardening. We gave her a blooming backyard which is now her favorite place to be.

flexible architecture.

rethink dream homes.

deccan home science

Deccan Homes craft fine experiences for customers through prime focus on spatial perception, sustainability and innovation. We associate with industry leaders and use premium products to provide the best quality homes that offer a Distinct Living Experience.

  • Utmost importance is on providing ample Light and Fresh Air to all the areas by reducing COMMON WALLS and Providing Larger Higher windows. Up to 65% Open spaces in Deccan Habitat ensure a Good Lung space, besides ensuring good view of surrounding Landscapes to its occupants.
  • Apartment area is designed effectively trough Large Living/Circulation spaces and at the same time minimizing the corridors/common passages.
  • Deccan Homes are designed as per VAASTU. We build only North and East facing homes that are more auspicious to residents. With a history of these traditional values, we now embrace the future with Future Ready-Smart Homes at Deccan Habitat.
  • North and East facing homes are considered ideal
  • Kids Room in North ideal for studying
  • Kitchen in Agni moola : South East as this is the Fire Angle and ideal for cooking
  • Master BHK in Kubera moola : South West for Prosperity at Home
  • The baths and toilets should be avoided in south-east, south-west and north-east corners

vastu habitat

Deccan projects are Vastu compliant to boost the positive energy in your home. The Kitchen should be in South-East corner as this is the fire angle which is ideal for cooking.

The Master bedroom should be in the South-West corner while bedroom in the North-West is suitable for guests and children. North-East rooms are best for studying. The baths and toilets should be avoided at corners.

floor plan

deccan habitat
is where
life finds you.

unit type - 4 bhkPremium Homes for a King size life

Unit No:1

SBU:1,950 Sft

Type:4 BHK

SBU:1,950 Sft

unit type - 3 bhkSpaces that defines your Personality

Type:3 BHK


Unit No:2

SBU:1,680 Sft

Unit No:3

SBU:1,625 Sft

Unit No:4

SBU:1,625 Sft

Unit No:5

SBU:1,475 Sft

Unit No:6

SBU:1,500 Sft

Unit No:11

SBU:1,650 Sft

Unit No:12

SBU:1,795 Sft

unit type - 2 bhkCompact Homes without compromising your Privacy

Type:2 BHK


Unit No:7

SBU:1,250 Sft

Unit No:8

SBU:1,200 Sft

Unit No:9

SBU:1,200 Sft

Unit No:10

SBU:1,200 Sft

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